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Dingle Highlights

The Little Cheese Shop

Halfway up Dingle’s hill and set apart from the town’s main tourism strip is The Little Cheese Shop. Upon entering, the store’s delightfully pungent scent will draw you directly to its focal point: a large counter stacked with teetering towers of colorful cheese wheels. The shop imports all of the world titans of fromage; you’ll find manchego from Spain, Dutch gouda, and brie from the country’s French neighbors. But the stars here are the award-winning creations made by the owner, Maja. Try her Dilliskus, a semi-hard cheese made from raw cow’s milk and flavored with seaweed. A to-go cheese board includes your choice of any four varieties.  if you’re having trouble deciding, just ask Maja for some advice – of the four that I purchased, the one she suggested was the tastiest. Pick up one of the lemonades, which come in designer flavors such as elderflower, and a chevre lemon truffle for dessert



Address:          Greys Lane, Dingle

Business Hours: 11a-6p (M-F), 11a-5p (Sa), 

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