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The Dingle Peninsula and it's stunning backdrops has been home to many famous movies from Ryan's Daughter to Far & Away. In 2016 this was taken to a whole new level when Star Wars: Episode VII & VIII were filmed on Skellig Michael and Ceann Sibeal. As a result Dingle has seen a large influx of tourists coming to see where the movie was shot. 

The Skellig Michael is a towering sea crag rising from the Atlantic Ocean. Located at the western edge of the European landmass, Skellig Michael was the chosen destination in the 7th century for a small group of ascetic monks who, in their pursuit of greater union with God, withdrew from civilisation to this remote and inaccessible place. Visitors cannot but be awestruck by the physical achievements of these early monks which, when combined with the sense of solitude, ocean and bird sounds evokes a quiet sense of magic.In 1996 UNESCO inscribed the island of Skellig Michael onto the World Heritage List in recognition of its outstanding universal value.

To take a tour and land Skellig Michael from Dingle you will have to drive to South Kerry (part of the Ring of Kerry) and take a boat tour from the village of Portmagee. A few companies operate tours including Skellig Michael Cruises and Skellig Rock Tours.

The movie set that was created at the Ceann Sibeal location was subsequently taken down after filming finished. Currently this area is not accessible but plans are afoot to open it up in the future. The closest you can get is to stop off at Clogher Strand on the Slea Head Route.

Dingle Boat Tours offers a tour that sets out from Dingle and takes you around the island (note it does not land on the island), more info here .. An alternative option, which does not take you to the Island but still get you good views, is to take the Dingle SeaFari Tour. This is an exhilarating and unique way to see the Dingle Peninsula coastline and The Blasket Islands.

FUN FACT: The very first guests of Harriet's Cottage was some of the crew of Star Wars (Ep 7)

Clogher Strand

Clogher Strand
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