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Knowing what to bring on your vacation to Ireland

can cause much anxiety, let us ease it with this

handy guide.

What to Wear

Travel light: A good rule of thumb is to gather

together everything you want to bring; then bring

half of that.  Eliminate all but the essentials and

start packing a few days before you leave. That way,

you'll have time to think—not worry—about what you might be forgetting. Remember, too, you will probably be buying gifts and souvenirs; leave ample room for them in your luggage. 


Casual dress: In this age of informality, low-key seasonal apparel is perfectly acceptable. Basic pants, shirts, walking shorts, everyday dresses/skirts, supportive shoes, and functional outdoor clothes are recommended. Men do not need jackets and ties; women do not require fancy dresses or high-heeled shoes.

Summer: For travel during the summer months, pack an assortment of seasonal garments: short-sleeve shirts and comfortable slacks or shorts for daytime; the evenings, however, can be chilly, so bring along a cotton sweater and a fleece jacket.

Spring: For travel during the spring, pack an assortment of seasonal garments: light pieces and cotton sweaters for daytime; and slacks, long-sleeve shirts, warmer dresses, and a heavy sweater or fleece jacket for evenings.

Winter: For travel during winter months, include clothes for moderate temperatures, but also take some cold weather gear—warm pants, socks, turtlenecks, fleece top or wool sweater, rainproof jacket (ideally with a zip/out insulation layer), gloves, and hat. The most practical travel wardrobe consists of items that you can wear in layers. Then you can easily add or remove a layer according to any fluctuations in temperatures. Your outer jacket should be roomy enough to comfortably fit over your sweater or fleece top.


Rain gear: Regardless of your month of travel, rainfall is certainly a possibility. We suggest you bring a folding umbrella, a nice hat and perhaps a waterproof shell.  Water-resistant walking shoes are advantageous in case heavy downpours pass through.


Recommended Travel Items

An ample supply of your favorite toiletries and health remedies are crucial for your personal comfort. To help make your vacation as convenient and pleasant as possible, please review our lists of suggested travel gear on the following pages, and pack accordingly. We advise you not to pack aerosol cans; they tend to leak during air travel. Also avoid packing glass bottles; use plastic containers instead. Leave at home checkbooks and any credit cards not essential for your trip, valuable jewelry, and, in general, anything that you would hate to lose.


Essential Items

  1. Daypack or waist pack. Either is ideal for carrying your wallet, glasses, tissues, etc. on sightseeing tours and other activities. They free up your hands and are relatively comfortable because, unlike a shoulder bag, they evenly distribute the weight of your belongings onto your back or hips.

  1. Spare eyeglasses/contact lens. If you wear either, bring a spare pair of glasses and your prescription.  For contact lens, include extra cleaning solution.

  2. Sunglasses. Protect your eyes from the glare by wearing sunglasses with 100% UV block and a neck strap for “on/off” convenience.

  3. Sunscreen with SPF 15 or stronger (seasonal). Oil-free brands feel best on the face. 

  4. Travel money bag. For added security at airports and on sightseeing excursions, carry your cash in a money belt or neck pouch.

  5. Packets of decaffeinated coffee/sweetener. “Decaf” is not always available and sweetener brands vary. If you prefer to avoid caffeine or have a preferred sweetener, please come prepared. We do have a supply of half and half small samples however we cannot guarantee it will be available.



  1. Daily essentials: Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss; hairbrush or comb; shaving items; deodorant; cotton ear swabs; shampoo/conditioner; shower cap; body soap; etc. Trial sizes are perfect for travel. You can also buy travel-size plastic bottles, and fill them with your favorite brands from home.

  2. Moisturizer and chapstick. Soothing after a day in the wind or sun.

  1. Pocket-size tissues.  Handy for a myriad of travel needs.

  1. Packets of moist towelettes. Enable you to easily clean your hands when water and soap are unavailable.

  2. Hanging toiletry bag. Perhaps one of the most useful travel accessories ever invented! The attached hook allows you to hang it from the back of your bathroom door or knob, freeing the counter of clutter. Inside pockets store your items in an organized fashion. 


Optional Gear

  1. Travel alarm. If you're used to waking up by alarm, you may want to take along a travel-size one with you or use your phone

  1. Electrical converter & British-style 3-pin plug adapter. While we do supply these in the Cottage we cannot guarantee their availability as they are sometimes taken.

  1. Reading materials. Perhaps a novel, magazines, or a guidebook.

  2. Home address book. For sending postcards and adding the addresses of other travelers you're bound to befriend during your trip.



​Some Important Things to Remember


- Laundry

Harriet’s Cottage has a washer and dryer available for your use located in the kitchen. We do have a supply of laundry detergent however we cannot guarantee its availability. If non is available (under the kitchen sink or under the stairs) it can be purchased at the nearby Centra supermarket.

 - Money

Visa and MasterCard are accepted throughout Ireland. American Express is rarely accepted.  DISCOVER credit card does not operate outside the US. Do not bring $100 bills as they cannot be exchanged. Generally, banks are open Monday through Friday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm; banks are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. To exchange cash and Traveler’s Checks you will need to have your Passport with you. PLEASE NOTE: We recommend you bring a debit card if possible, this will allow you the flexibility of accessing money at your convenience, you will then not have to rely on bank hours for the exchanging of money.  ATMs are widely available in Ireland. PLUS, Cirrus, and other bank networks are available on most of them. Always ask your bank before you leave home about the number of withdrawals you may make abroad, and also check to see if your PIN must be reprogrammed for Ireland. A reminder: Don’t forget to memorize your card’s 4-digit PIN number. You must know it to make cash withdrawals. Note: Many banks have begun imposing a fee every time you use an ATM in a foreign city.



Ireland operates on an electric current of 220 voltage a.c., 50 cycles and outlets take the British (three-prong) plug adapter. Harriet’s Cottage for your convenience has two Hair Dryers and one Hair Straightener available for your use. They are found in the bedroom wardrobes or dressers.

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