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Dingle Highlights

Dick Macks

There are a few truly iconic pubs in Ireland, whose name is known to more or less every person in the land.  Dick Mack's is one of those pubs. Opened in 1899 and three generations later, is a wholly atmospheric experience in the heart of Dingle (on Green St, 5 mins from Harriet’s Cottage). Walk into Dick Mack’s today and timber floor to ceiling shelves are still filled with shoeboxes and shoes, buckles, trimmings, tools and nails; all a reminder of times past. Behind the well-stocked bar you will find some rare fine whiskeys. Little piece of advice: the front bar with its two small snugs in Dick Mack's is so great, that you are likely to completely forget to explore the rest of the pub.  Well, do.  There's more great little quirky rooms at the back and the side of the bar.  If you decide to try a different whiskey in each different room, you could be in for a long night!



Address:             Green St., Dingle, 

Business Hours: 11a-11.30p (M-Th), 11a-12.30p (F-Sa), 11a-11p (Su),

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