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Dingle Highlights

Bean in Dingle

There is little doubt that Ireland has experienced something of a coffee revolution over the last five years, but for non-urban dwellers, finding good coffee can often be the Holy Grail. Enter Justin Burgess who is on a mission to bring big city-style coffee quality to the west of Ireland. With its own signature blend of the finest single estate coffee beans, Justin's coffee bar, Bean in Dingle, is steadily earning itself a top notch reputation among caffeine aficionados, both nationally and internationally. Along with coffee they also serve local baked goods that are just as delicious as the coffee itself. Bean in Dingle is only 5 min walk from Harriet’s Cottage so you should be able to get passed the morning coffee shakes and make the pilgrimage to this little gem.



Address:             Green St., Dingle

Business Hours: 8.30a-5p

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